Season Recap

Updated: May 21, 2019

Well, the skiing season 2018/19 is history! I haven't entirely come up to my expectations in terms of results, but, there again, I have gained incredibly valuable experience during these past months. Thanks to Snowsports Ireland, I had the opportunity to compete in three important international children's events.

The first one was Trofeu Borrufa in Andorra. Getting there, and returning back home, was quite an adventure, since I travelled on my own from Munich to Barcelona! In Andorra, we had only two instead of four competitions due to heavy snowfall. I didn't finish the slalom and in the giant slalom, I came in 31st.

In March, I competed in the Alpecimbra Cup in Folgaria, Italy, together with two fellow Irish teammates. We had perfect conditions there, and a training session before the races. In slalom, I unfortunately DNFed in the second run. Also in the GS, I didn't see the finish, but I felt really good and fast - until I skied out and ended in the net just at the end of the course.

Beginning of April, I had the opportunity to represent Ireland once again, in Abetone, Italy, at Pinocchio Sugli Sci. This time, I managed to stay in the course for the slalom, made some mistakes but made it to the finish in both runs, coming in 41st. In the GS, again, I felt really fast and loved the course - until three gates ahead of the finish line I leaned too much on my inner ski... and skied out. This time, my sister Gloria and my mum watched me from the finish area, they already had cheered because time was quite fast... It was a bit disappointing, but once the race is over there is nothing you can do.

After my races in Abetone, I had the pleasure to stay on and train with my sister and other fellow Irish skiers. There were four more CIT FIS races Gloria participated in. The first day, in the GS, I was allowed to go as forerunner. And yes, I skied down both runs, until the finish line :). For Gloria, these were her first CIT FIS races, and she managed to finish all four of them, gaining her first FIS points!

It was great and an honour to represent Ireland in these events. I can't wait for next winter, I know I can improve and will work hard to get better. I also want to thank our coaches Alain and Giorgio who helped us so much at the races. Thank you Snowsports Association of Ireland for your support! And thank you to all my teammates, you are the best!

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