We proudly present…. our ski club!

We are lucky to have a strong ski club here in Ramsau, and the both of us have been members of the WSV Ramsau am Dachstein ever since 2006.

Since we both don’t attend schools with alpine skiing programmes, the training offered by the ski club has been very important for our development. This is why we want to introduce our local ski club to you:

President of the WSV Ramsau is Alois Stadlober, who won the gold medal at the 1999 Nordic World Ski Championships in the cross-country relay team competition – in Ramsau am Dachstein!

The Ramsau ski club was founded in 1930, and ever since 1932 it has been a registered association. By now, the WSV Ramsau has over 1300 members. Mind that Ramsau has altogether about 3000 inhabitants!

The ski club offers trainings for alpine skiing, Nordic combined and ski jumping, biathlon and cross-country. Training is not only for competitive young athletes, but also to make kids love winter sports. Through 85 years, countless kids have been inspired for snow sports, and many – retired and active – athletes grew with the WSV Ramsau.

Thanks to the professional trainings for young athletes, WSV Ramsau is currently Styria’s most successful ski club. In the past season, our WSV won the ski clubs‘ ranking of the regional Cup (for the fourth time in a row), the Styrian Kindercup U 8 to U 12 (for the third time in a row) and the Styrian Schülercup U 14 and U 16 (for the third time in a row).

The WSV Ramsau is also a great event organiser. Every winter season, the ski club hosts and organises a number of sports events for young athletes but also World Cup competitions (as the annual FIS Nordic Combined World Cup). The highlight of the events hosted so far was without doubt the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1999. That was before our time though :)

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